A new blog? Groan…

I can sense the inevitable eye rolls and hear the groans throughout the cybersphere…

You’re introducing a new blog? Why?

Well, for a number of reasons.  It is my belief that the men gathered under the umbrella of, “The Confessional ARP,” have something to say and worthwhile to contribute to the blogosphere.  Further, each man has varied experience and theological acumen, and so will address topics from differing angles and perspectives—all the while remaining under the confessional umbrella.

For whom is this blog intended?

Firstly, it is intended for those who have an interest in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP), since all the contributors are either pastors, elders, or members of the ARP.  Secondly, it is for those who have an interest in theology and any number of topics that will be discussed on this blog.

It is my prayer that this blog will be  a blessing to those who are in the ARP, and to the church at large.


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