Shouting Opinions, Living in Our Own Reality

Where there is no concept of truth that lives outside of us and demands that we bow to it, we construct our own reality based on our will and feelings. When people believe that there is no truth outside their own will and feelings, then to the degree that they are consistent with this belief, they must regard the actions of others to be nothing more than the arbitrary imposition of those people’s feelings and actions. Empirical evidence is still appealed to, but only for the purpose of justifying our thoughts, feelings and actions. When all this is held to on a societal wide scale, and directs media outlets, then the “news” stops being a report of what actually has occurred, but the “spin” that someone wants us to believe so that someone’s agenda can go forward. This has both “conservative” and “liberal” manifestations. If you are a Christian, pray, and resist the temptation to pontificate. What is needed is humility to Truth, not hubris born of ignorance.


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