“I feel like its okay.”

When confessing Christians operate (whether knowingly or not) with the idea that what we are is chiefly about something internal to us (thoughts and feelings) and in opposition to what we are physically and in relation to other realities external to us, then their physical actions do not have any meaningful role in their conception of what it means to be a Christian. But to think that what you ARE is chiefly about something internal to you is characteristic of a tradition of thought that can be traced back at least to ancient Greece and is the reigning view of humans in the West. What we are hearing from those who speak loudly of God’s grace and make little of obedience to God’s Law, setting the former in important ways against the latter, is simply the latest form of Greek philosophy dressed in the clothes of Christian terminology. Say hello to Nineteenth-century Protestant Liberalism with a latte, laptop and a smile. But, hey, they feel strongly about it.


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