Comments Policy

We welcome feedback and even push back on what is blogged here.  However, there are some rules to commenting here.

  1. No anonymity.  Each man who blogs here does so under his name and honor.  If you are going to comment, you must do so under your name and honor–no nicknames or pseudonyms.  You must identify yourself or your comment will be removed with no warning.
  2. Be polite.
  3. If you can’t be polite, at bare minimum be respectful.  (For points 2 & 3 consider Colossians 4:6.)
  4. Disagree strongly, if you so desire! However, keep it above the belt–your disagreement with a statement made does not constitute that statement being heresy.  If you are quick to drop the “h-bomb,” please refrain from dropping it unless what is said does actually fit into that category.
  5. No name calling or ad hominem argumentation.
  6. Do your best to always present a position you disagree with in the best light & most positive construction (as the 9th commandment requires).  If it is obvious that you are misquoting or taking something out of context, you will be warned.  If it happens frequently you will be blocked from commenting.
  7. Please don’t be a “pot stirrer” or “troll.”  If you are baiting or simply not contributing something useful to the conversation, your comments will be removed, and there will be a warning.  After the warning, you will be blocked from commenting.
  8. If you self identify as a heretic, or belong to a heretical organization (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christadelphians, Christian Scientists, etc.), only one comment will be posted, after which you will be urged to repent and trust in Christ. This is a blog of orthodox, Confessional Christians; it will not be a place to disseminate heterodox and heretical teaching.